mercredi 2 juin 2010

Rising New York Animation Studio Nathan Love Experiencing Summer of Love

Latest Commissions Deliver Studio's Artistry Worldwide Across All Media

NEW YORK - (June 2, 2010) - World-class animation studio Nathan Love is very proud to share news of the growing love currently being experienced by owners and creative directors Joe and Kate Burrascano, executive producer Michael Harry and their colleagues, as they begin their third year in business. Founded in New York in 2007, Nathan Love has already built a solid reputation for producing original content for advertising, film, television, web, videogames and other applications.

"As we enter our third year as a studio, we continue to be inspired and grow as a company with each project we produce," began Joe Burrascano, who was recently featured in SHOOT Magazine's 2010 New Directors Showcase. "Our incredible artists and producers deserve a lot of the credit, as well as our representatives around the world, the clients whose challenges take our artistry to new levels, and the growing number of fans for our work around the globe. We have a long way to go to become the next Pixar, but we are all very appreciative, and very fired up."

As of today, the company's latest project work is featured on their website at Here's a quick rundown of the some of the newest projects on display.

  • Behold the first of six new spots to come pairing the talents of Nathan Love with agency 22squared for Baskin-Robbins.
  • The studio's collaborations with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for Pop Secret on three imaginative and entertaining animated spots starring the Kernel family all appear on the website. Worth noting, these characters and other artworks created by Nathan Love are now being featured in Pop Secret's product packaging and promotional displays showcased in retail settings across America.
  • Further artistic teamwork with GSP creatives shines through in two new animated spots directed by Nathan Love for Commonwealth Bank of Australia currently airing widely down under.
  • Look for a custom animated cross-marketing spot for Nickelodeon and State Farm Insurance which debuted this month, starring none other than Dora The Explorer.
  • Enjoy the new Chips Ahoy "Limbo" spot representing the studio's first endeavor with creatives from Draft FCB in Shanghai and Lunar Films.
  • Check out a fun new in-theater spot commissioned by New York advertising agency ML Rogers that recently debuted in theaters nationwide.
  • Also experience clips from the 12 narrative cinematics Nathan Love creative directed for Electronic Arts' epic, monumental videogame release, "Dante's Inferno."

With its client list spanning advertising and entertainment agencies, major corporations, content developers and distributors, Nathan Love is represented on the U.S. East Coast by Blah! Blah. Blah?, on the U.S. West Coast by creative studio Mothership, and in Europe by Tandem Films.

About Nathan Love
Break out the crayons and beer, because Nathan Love is ready to play! This world-class animation studio is known for creating memorable characters, detailed worlds and engaging narratives, making it a party and inviting your whole crew. Driven by a passion for storytelling, their creative, technical and production capabilities are constantly evolving. Equally at home creating sensational 2D and 3D animation, the studio's talents span all aspects of project creation and production. They are creators of commercial campaigns, original films, super-fun web content, video game projects, merchandise and more. Besides their extraordinary craftsmanship Nathan Love is also fun and inviting to work with, enjoying daily collaborations with leading creatives, live-action and CGI directors, sound designers, composers, web developers and other artists. So next time you're dreaming-up a project, drop your briefcase and join the fun, or call +1.212.925.7111

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